Reduce your cloud disk storage costs up to 90%

With CloudBD you can create persistent and secure disks that store all data into your cloud provider’s object storage system. CloudBD disks are highly durable, use cost efficient storage, and have usage based billing so you only pay for the disk capacity you use.

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What we do

CloudBD provides Linux software that can leverage your cloud object storage directly as Linux block devices (CloudBD disks). Compatible with Amazon, Google, and OpenStack clouds, our software lets you create persistent disks that are 1000x more durable than Amazon EBS volumes at a fraction of the cost. Disks can be created as large as 16 petabytes (16,384 TiB) with up to 2 GiB/s read and write throughput. CloudBD disks are usage-based and have thinly allocated blocks with trim support. You won't have to balance your disk capacities with your monthly storage costs because unused disk capacity is free. Our disks are compatible with POSIX compliant filesystems and the Linux device mapper tools that add advanced capabilities such as encryption and snapshots. All CloudBD disk data is stored in your secure object storage -- your data never leaves the safety of your own cloud environment.



Our disks store all device data into your cloud providers high durability object storage. Both Google’s and Amazon’s object storage solution guarantees 99.999999999% object durability. This gives a 1TB CloudBD disk a durability of 99.9995% each year. In other words, a 1TB CloudBD disk has an average life expectancy of over 64,000 years.

High Throughput

The CloudBD device driver is optimized for high throughput. From Amazon EC2 nodes with 25 gigabit networking CloudBD disks can achieve over 2 GiB/s read and write throughput. See the technology page for performance examples on EC2 instances.

Cost Efficient

CloudBD disks are built on highly affordable object storage. A full CloudBD disk using AWS S3 is 3-5x less expensive than a general purpose Amazon EBS volume of the same size. Combining the object storage cost efficiency with a thin block allocation results in the most cost efficient disk on the market.


Pay only for what you use. CloudBD disks have thinly allocated blocks and a billing model based on blocks in use instead of provisioned disk capacity. Empty disks are essentially free and as data is written to the disk, your object storage costs and CloudBD costs scale linearly with the disk usage.


Our disk uses patented technology to provide strong consistency on object storage. The driver has full flush support and filesystems can safely sync data to the device to guarantee consistency and integrity of the data.


CloudBD disks are compatible with Linux’s device mapper tools. Stack other industry tested disk technologies such as dm-crypt and LVM directly on top of a CloudBD disk to add encryption, logical volume, and snapshot support.


Supported Clouds

Runs on AWS S3 buckets with AWS signature v4 auth

Runs on Google Cloud Storage buckets with OAuth 2.0

Runs on OpenStack Swift containers with SwiftStack Auth or Keystone identity service v2 and v3.

Supported Linux Distributions

The world’s most popular operating system in the cloud. Supported on all the recent LTS releases:

18.04 LTS - Bionic

16.04 LTS - Xenial

Linux operating system from Amazon Web Services. Supported on the following releases:

Amazon Linux AMI (2018.03 or later)

Amazon Linux 2

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